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Diabetic foot care

Are you among the nearly 19 million Americans with diabetes? If so, your foot care should be of prime concern to you.

Diabetes, a chronic metabolic disease that affects more than 8 percent of the U.S population, can cause diminished circulation and decreased nerve function. Simply stated, this means that less blood gets to your extremities, especially your feet.

As a result, people with diabetes are prone to foot complications, including wounds and infections. If left untreated, these can have potentially serious consequences, including amputation.

With proper foot care, these complications can be prevented and you can manage the effects of diabetes on your feet.

At Southeastern Foot & Ankle Associates, our team of podiatric physicians, nurses and staff are committed to providing patients with the highest quality, most comprehensive care of the diabetic foot.

Foot care tips for diabetics

Here are some tips to help you minimize diabetes-related foot problems:

  • Inspect your feet daily. Check your toes and feet every day for cuts, sores, bruises, swelling or changes to the toenails (such as thickening or discoloration).
  • Wear thick, soft socks. Avoid socks with seams, which can rub and cause blisters or other skin injuries.
  • Don't go barefoot. Don't go without shoes, even in your own home. The risk of injuries, cuts and infections is too great. 
  • Have new shoes properly measured and fitted. Foot size and shape may change over time. A properly fitting shoe can prevent many problems. 
  • Exercise. Walking can help maintain a healthy weight and improve circulation. Be sure to wear properly fitting athletic shoes when exercising.
  • Never try to remove corns, calluses or warts by yourself. Over-the-counter products can burn the skin and cause damage to your foot. 
  • Get regular checkups by a podiatrist. Having your feet examined at least once a year is the best way to ensure that your feet remain healthy.

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